2020 Changan Automobile Chongqing International Marathon Notice of Registration

I. Dateplace and race events

a) Date & Time: 7:30 a.m., Mar. 22, 2020 (Sun)

b) Place: Nanbin Road and Babin Road, Chongqing

c) Race Events: Marathon (20000 runners), Mini-marathon (8000 runners), Family-run (2000 runners).

II. Application Period

1. Marathon

a) Phase one: Pre-registration

From the press conference on Oct 30, 2019 to 21:00, Nov. 19

b) Phase two: Information verification

From Nov. 20, 2019 to Dec. 10

c) Phase three: Entry draw and announcement of results

Entry draw: Dec. 11, 2019

Announcement of results: 10:00 Dec. 12.

2. Mini-marathon

From 10:00 Dec. 13, 2019 to 21:00 Feb.20, 2020. Number of registrations is limited.

3. Family-run

From 10:00 Dec. 13, 2019 to 21:00 Feb.20, 2020. Number of registrations is limited.

4. Charity-marathon

From 10:00 Dec. 13, 2019 to 21:00 Jan.30, 2020, Registration will remain open until 300 places are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

III. How to Register

1. Visit the official website or wechat mini program to fill in registration information and submit application of pre-registration. Applications passed the verification will enter the list of draws.


2. The sequence of applications will not affect the result of the random draw.

3. Elite runners’ guaranteed entry: Those applicants who meet the time standards at the races from Jan.1st,2018 to Nov. 17th 2019 in which results are searchable in the IAAF’s website will be eligible for guaranteed entry.

Men’s standard: 2:30:00; Women’s standard: 2:45:00

4. The public runners’ guaranteed entry: All applicants who meet the time standards at the CAA A-class races (based data on from Jan.1st,2018 to Nov. 17th 2019 will be eligible for guaranteed entry. Applicants are placed in the non-guaranteed entry drawing until their time can be verified. Verification will be completed prior to the 2020 drawing.

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1. The China Marathon Majors’ runner’s guaranteed entry: Detailed standards for CMM runners will be released by CMM and CMM shall be responsible for the interpretation.

2. Application Process:

i. Public runners: Log in the official website(or wechat mini program )->Enter the registration channel of public runners->read the entry statement->fill in information-> pay registration fee->finish application->waiting for the draw or wait for the qualifying verification for public runners)

ii. Elite runners: Log in the official website(or wechat mini program)->Enter the registration channel of elite runners->read the entry statement->fill in information-> pay registration fee->finish application->waiting for the verification for elite runners.

IV. Eligibility of registration

1. Age requirement

i. Marathon participants must be over 20 years old (born before December 31,2000)

ii. There is no age limit for Mini marathon participants. Children under 13 years old must register with their parents (or at least one parent). Parents should register with valid ID card (passport or military ID).

iii. Family run: Attended by one to two adults over 20 years old with one to two children under 16 years old.

Note: one adult can take one child at most

2. Physical requirement

The marathon, a true test of endurance with high risk, requires long-term exercise and preparation by runners. Participants should choose the proper distance according to their own physical condition and ability, but the event committee strongly recommend that people consider not running the Chongqing marathon if they suffer from following disease or are in following physical conditions:

I. Congenital and rheumatic heart diseases;

II. Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

III. Myocarditis and other heart diseases;

IV. Coronary artery disease and serious cardiac arrhythmia;

V. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia diabetes;

VI. Influenza 2 weeks before the racing day;

VII. Other diseases unsuitable for sports.

VIII. Pregnancy;

The committee strongly recommend all participant do physical examinations and buy accident insurance for themselves.

V. Notification

1. Applicants should provide registration information truthfully and accurately. The committee will verify all participants’ information. Those who provide false information will be disqualified in 2020 Chongqing Marathon.

2. The registration fee shall be paid in full when registering. Applicants can search the result of entry draw on the official website or wechat mini program after 1000 am on December 12. Those who are not selected will get the refund from the committee within 5 working days after the entry draw.

3. The entrants can pick up the race packet with the original identification which they use when registering. Detailed procedure of race packet pick-up will be released by the event committee before the event.

4. The personal information cannot be revised after registering. Once an entrant is accepted, the entry fee is nonrefundable under any and all circumstances.

VI. Entry Fee

1. Marathon:

CHN residents: RMB 200/person

Non-CHN residents: RMB 350/person or USD 50/person

2. Mini-marathon: RMB 100/person

3. Family-run: RMB 200/person

4. Charity marathon: RMB 2000/person

VII. Issues not covered herein are subject to further notices and updates.


Organizing Committee of Chongqing Marathon


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