Guide for athletes(2019)

I. Pre-competition  attentions

1)Requirements for physical condition

Athletes should be healthy and frequently participate in exercises and running practices. Athletes should select the suitable programs, the patients that suffer from following illness are not suitable for race:

- Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease

- Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease

- Myocarditis and other heart diseases

- Coronary artery disease and arrhythmia

- Diabetes

- Other diseases that not suitable for sports




- Bibs、Chip、Wristband

- Competition clothes、sports shorts 

- Sports shoes that suit for running and A pair of thick sports socks

- Sports glasses and sun-shading cap

- Cash or bus card 

- A raincoat (wind and water proof, heat preservation)

- A small box of Vaseline


3)Psychological preparation

- physical test is strongly recommend for 1st time runner, the test includes heart, blood pressure, blood biochemical test (if there is athletes have history of congenital heart disease, or unusual figures of blood fat, blood sugar, liver, and kidney, they should not attend the race).

- Protection of feet: cut toenail and cocoon, if there is wound on feet, please treat in hospital.  

-Running marathon is a psychological and physical challenge, but we have to take safety as our first goal, so we have to learn to give up. When the body does not adapt, you should give up the game or ask for help from others.



4)Preparation before race

- Fried, sweet, and meat foods are not recommended for breakfast before race.

- Do not get off jacket or coat too early: to maintain heat and prevent from injury.

- Warm-up 30 mins earlier before race: maintain heat and increase heart movement.

- Paste Vaseline to protect skin friction.


Ⅱ.Starting point of competition

1.Starting point transportation guide

1)Entrance of Full Marathon:get off at Haitang Xiaoyue station or Jiangnan Sports Center station, walk towards Nanbin Road from Sihai Road, through the road behind Sheraton hotel to the roll-call area(it will take about 10mins to the roll-call area by walk).

2)Entrance of Half Marathon:get off at Haitang Xiaoyue  station, walk towards Nanbin Road from Xiaoyue Road(it will take about 10mins to the roll-call area by walk).

3)Entrance of Mini Marathon and Parent-child marathon:get off at Fulishe station or Nanping station, walk towards Nanbin Road from Fuhong Road or Hongsheng Road(it will take about 15mins to the roll-call area by walk).

The available buses that pass Nanping East Road station are 304, 318, 321,346, 347, 352, 353, 354, 376, 377 and 384.The buses that pass Jiangnan Sports Center are 305, 320 and 873.

Recommended admission for mini marathon/parent-child marathon:Enter the track by free ferry at Nanping international convention and exhibition center rally point.

Free ferry bus: 5:30-7:10

Starting station: Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center

Ferry bus route:Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center -- Nanbin Road Hongsheng intersection



1) Cloakrooms are set at starting and ending areas of the Full Marathon. Competitors should attach the mini number bids to the designated spot of the package and deposit the package in cloakrooms. Use the number bid to claim the package after match. Cloakrooms open from 06:00 to 14:30 and will be closed 20 minutes before the race.

2) Cloakrooms for the Half Marathon will be set on the buses around starting point. Use number bid to deposit and claim the package on buses of corresponding numbers. Cloakrooms open from 6:00 to 7:10 and will be closed 20 minutes before race.


Bus No.


Bus No.






















3) No flammable and explosive products are allowed to be stored. Do not deposit valuable goods, including mobile phones, ID, cash, bankcards, keys, computers, and etc.


3.Number Bibs

1) Athletes must wear the number bibs on the chest. Do not fold or cover the number bids.

2) Number bibs are athletes’ ID during the race. Athletes must fill in authentic information on the back of number bibs.

3) Number bibs cannot be transferred, or the original owner of the number bids will be fully responsible for any accident happened after the number bib changes.


4.Timing chip

1)Athletes of full and half marathon must use timing chips provided by committee. Anyone who do not use the chip or not set off at the designated area will have no official timing records.

2)Wearing 2 or more chips in race, the records would be canceled and reported to Chinese Athletes Association.



1) Roll-Call Time: 06:00 - 07:00 am March 31st 2019.


A. Full Marathon: according to athletes’ bib numbers, the“A”segment should wait for roll call from Sheraton roll-call area, the“B”segment should wait for roll call from Haitangxiaoyue roll-call area,the“C”segment should wait for roll call from  Kaixianglong roll-call area.

B.Half marathon: the“H”segment should wait for roll call from Xiaoyue road roll-call area.

C.Mini marathon/Parent-child marathon:from Hongsheng road into their respective areas to wait.

Guide for athletes5868.png

3)Roll-call requirements:

A.Athletes must wear the unified clothing for race.

B.Special invited athletes must register at assigned roll-call areas.

C.Competitors of the Half Marathon should wait for the starting gun in corresponding Roll-call area, or would not get official records.


6.Starting time and Location

Each competition will start on different starting guns. Full Marathon (segment A、B and C) will start at 7:30 am; Half Marathon will start at 7:35 am. Timing induction belts will be set at each starting line of Full Marathon and Half Marathon. Competitors must set off from the corresponding timing induction belt (starting line), or would not get official records.


Ⅲ、Race course

Guide for athletes6578.png

1.Tips for Race Start

1)Net time is applied for both full and half marathon; athletes start their race in each assigned area. Please do not push or squeeze to avoid of tread.

2)The record is subject to net time. Athletes must step on the road’s timing carpet and avoid jumping, or cannot be recorded. Timing points and cameras are set on the starting point, 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 26,2km, 30km, 35km, 40km and the ending point.

2.Toilet, Temporary shower and Environment conservation

1)Movable toilets are set at starting point, race route(3km and every 2.5km from 5km to 40km) and ending point

2)Temporary showers are set in nearby area at 15km, 20km, 25km, 27.5km,30km, 35km,37.5km and 40km.

3)To protect the environment, please do not urinate or defecate anywhere outside the designated fields. Do not litter at all and throw waste wrappers, cans and rubbish into the trashcans and bags.

3.Supply stations

1)Beverage station:Beverage stations are set at Starting point, ending point, 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km, 35km, and 40km.

2)Drinking and water use station:Drinking and water use stations are set between beverage stations: 7.5km, 12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32.5km, and 37.5km.

3)Supply stations:Supply stations are set at 17.5km, 22.5km, 25km, 27.5km, 30km, 32.5km, 35km, and 37.5km.


4.Medical aid

1)Medical aid stations are set on the race route every 2.5km from starting to the ending point.

2)There are first-aid volunteers along the course with moving AED and emergency runners that will provide service for athletes.

3)During the race, there will be some medical service stations along the track and have a medical service volunteer every 100 meters along the way to help medical aid and maintain the order of the competition, and the participants can ask them for help at any time.

4)If the professional medical personnel require any athlete to quit the race, the athletes must follow the order.


5.Closing time and distance

To ensure the race secure and smooth, the race route will be closed to traffic at successive sections during the race period. After finishing one section of race, the transportation would be resumed. If an athlete could not finish race before section’s closing time, stop racing immediately and leave the race route in case of danger. Athletes who withdraw the race could take the ferry buses to the program ending point.



Cut-off point

Cut-off time

Exact time
































Note: If there are some special circumstances and emergencies, the committee have the right to close the door in advance , participants must obey the commands.


6.Aid cars

Aid cars will follow the course during the full and the half marathons. If there is any case that an athlete could not finish the race due to physical condition or not capable to finish on time, he must take or wait for aid cars to pick up in order to ensure safety. 


7.Tips for race

- The first “afflictive” period will come in 10-20 minutes after beginning, it is the so-called the first limited status, and it’s a normal phenomenon. The resolution is to slow down the speed and breath for 2-3 minutes till the afflictive period pass.  

- It is common for untrained competitors to experience body’s limited status in 30-35 minutes after beginning, including muscle and join’s pain, extreme fatigue, and impulsive idea of giving up. If anyone experiences these phenomena above, - it’s better to quit the race rather than take the risk.

Each athlete should keep a comfortable and favored tempo, do not compete with others, or it would break down your speed and rhythm.

- Usually, marathon athletes need to take energetic drinks around 20km.



Chongqing International Marathon Committee will set cameras in starting point, ending pointing and significant road segment to monitor the whole race. If anyone goes against the regulation on following behaviors, his/her race record will be cancelled, and will be banned on participation in Chongqing International Marathon for two years and the case will be reported to Chinese Athletes Association. For a severe violation,athletes will face a lifetime ban.  

1) Enroll with false age or other person substitute him/her to run.

2) One wears two or more chips in race, or wears other’s chip to run, including a male athlete wears a female’s chip.

3) Start from the false locations.

4) Jump the gun during start.

5) Keep running on the race route after closing time or jump into course after quitting the game.

6) Abandon the prescribed race route of the course submitted, take short cut or take any means of transportation during the course.

7) Fail to wear the number bid to pass the finish line as instructed in both half and full marathon course.

8) Fail to finish the course and still claim the keepsake without passing the finishing point by rule.

9) Disobey the instructions of event staffs, disturb the race, make troubles,fight and brawl.

10) Claim multiple keepsakes by passing the finishing point repeatedly.

11) Forge number bids to cheat, take turns to run.

12) Use false information to gain qualification or transfer the number bid to others.

13) Other behaviors against the rules.


Ⅶ.Weather forecast







Wind speed(m/s)

Wind direction


March 29







March 30







March 31

Cloudy to Rainy







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